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“Down Syndrome: What You Can Do”
Edited by: Kim and Oadoshyah Fish and Foreword by: Karen Gaffney

Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do was written to give parents and families hope through positive and trustful information about Down Syndome

While this book is an invaluable resource for families when they first hear their child ahs or will be born with Down syndrome, it is also very helpful for families who are already on the journey of raising a child with Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do covers many topics, beginning with a chapter which deals with the acceptance and capability of children with DS. Other chapters include how to breastfeed a child with Down syndrome, nutritional intervention, and more. Important medical information including heart defects, thyroid concerns, and gastrointestinal problems are discussed. Some of the other chapters detail what can be done through early intervention such as oral motor speech therapy, physical therapy and other therapies. Adoption stories and adoption resources for families are provided. many stories from parents and siblings are featured to give support to those who read this book. A long list of support groups & recommended books are also included.

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