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“Fine Motor Skills for Children with Down Syndrome”- a guide for parents and professionals 2nd edition
By: Maryanne Bruni, BScOT (reg)

Written for parents, health professionals, and teachers, this is a practical and accessible guide to understanding and developing fine motor skills in children with Down syndrome. The author draws on her expertise as a seasoned occupational therapist and parent to show readers how to help children develop the hand skills required for such tasks as holding a pencil, cutting with scissors, or using a computer. Especially valuable is the book’s sensitivity to the medical, physical, and psychological characteristics of children with Down syndrome and how these can affect motor development.

Dozens of activities are provided, complete with photographs and step-by-step instructions, which are appropriate for children in infancy to early adolescence. In addition to hand skills, some cover basic gross motor skills, which help lay the foundation for fine motor development. Readers can choose among different categories of skills—self-help, school activities, leisure and recreation—and easily incorporate most activities into daily home or school routines.

FINE MOTOR SKILLS IN CHILDREN WITH DOWN SYNDROME gives parents and professionals the confidence and support they need to help a child gradually build fine motor abilities and become more independent. It’s also the perfect companion to the previously published GROSS MOTOR SKILLS IN CHILDREN WITH DOWN SYNDROME (Woodbine House, 1997).

“An invaluable resource for families and professionals. The author’s suggestions for encouragement of fine motor skill development are scattered throughout the book and make use of common household materials that are accessible to all families. I particularly like the ‘Grandma’s and Grandpa’s Lists,’ which give gift ideas that are fun as well as educational.” –Bonnie Patterson, M.D., Director, Down Syndrome Clinic Cincinnati Center of Developmental Disorders

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