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“Speaking of Apraxia”- a parent’s guide to childhood aparxia of speech
By: Leslie A. Lindsay, R.N., B.S.N.

Does your child seem to understand much more than he can say? Does he struggle to say words that all of the other kids his age say effortlessly? If so, he may have childhood apraxia of speech (CAS)—a neurologically based condition that is characterized by difficulties planning and producing the complex set of oral movements necessary for intelligible speech.

Speaking of Apraxia is a comprehensive guide that offers hope and practical advice for parents of children with CAS. Written in an empathetic style by a parent, this book covers everything from recognizing and diagnosing CAS and working with speech-language pathologists (SLPs), to distinguishing it from other disorders and getting apporpraite early intervention and special education support. Covered topics also include preparing your child for school, creating a language-rich environment at home, helping your child learn to read, networking within the CAS community, finding complementary and alternative therapies, and much more.

Under the guidance of an advisory review board, the author combined the latest research and information with her own and other parents’ experiences in a book that will help any family coping with CAS. Speaking of Apraxia is also a must-have resource for SLPs, occupational therapist, pediatricians, and other professionals in child development.

“By sharing many of her own personal experiences, Leslie offers encouragement to parents of children newly diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech.” –Holly Olmsted-Hickey, President & Founder of the Apraxia Connection and The Windy City/Chicagoland Apraxia Network

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