Spring Conference

Kay Marcel's Testimony

“Although Joel is now 34 years old, I realized that I probably still had some things to learn, so I attended the DSAA Spring Conference last March. Boy, am I glad I did and was I right. Not only was I reminded of some important things that I had learned over the years but had not really focused on of late, I also learned some important new things.

The most exciting and fun thing for Joel is what I learned in the session about the use of iPads in education. I immediately came home and ordered Joel an iPad. Joel has been out of school for 15 years, but I firmly believe learning never stops for anyone, including people with DS, and the iPad has opened up a new and fun way for Joel to cincture learning new concepts and skills.

First, my husband and I have been amazed at how quickly and easily he has learned to use the iPad independently. He, of course, loves the games we’ve downloaded all of which have an educational component. He also is enjoying listening to books we’ve downloaded that are read to him by the program. In addition to learning about different things covered in the books, I feel certain he is acquiring new language/conversational skills and may also develop new reading skills over time.

Thanks DSAA for a wonderful conference and learning opportunity for this parent that had considered herself very knowledgeable, but clearly had some important things to learn (and still does.)

-Kay Marcel