Spring Conference

2013 Spring Conference

Making the Connections

DSAA brought three dynamic speakers to Acadiana from various parts of the United States.  Dr. Brian Skotko, renowned author, researcher and Board-certified clinical geneticist; Stacy Taylor, a Board-certified behavior analyst; and Gary James, developer of a4cwsn (apps for children with special needs).  At the 2013 DSAA Spring Conference, attendees, including parents/caregivers, medical professions, therapist, educators, and paraprofessionals gained knowledge and tools to become more effective in caring for, treating and teaching individuals with Down syndrome and others with cognitive and developmental disabilities. 

  • Dr. Brian Skotko provided the following invaluable resources: Footprints for the future” is a tool to begin a record of important information for your family.  It allows parents to build and amend their child’s detailed medical history, medications, and more.
  • These are current health guidelines available for all age groups.http://www.ndss.org/en/Resources/Health-Care/Health-Care-Guidelines/
  • Gary James’ website, www.a4cwsn.com, gives helpful evaluations on educational or entertaining apps for individuals with special needs.

2011 Spring Conference

Lose the Training Wheels

It was amazing to see our children come in on Monday with most of them not being able to ride independently and watch them progress through the week with the culmination on Friday of seeing them riding two wheel bikes by themselves. 

iCan Shine, (former Lose the Training wheels), provides quality learning opportunities in recreational activities for individuals with disabilities.  By creating an environment where each person is empowered to maximize their individual abilities, everyone can shine!”

-iCan Shine